Scripts of the Lagoon
In May 2020, I was commissioned by Het Nieuwe Instituut to join the complementary public research program of the Dutch contribution to the 17th Architecture Biennale of Venice. Starting the collaboration with Huda AbiFarès (typographer) and myself (artist & designer), joined by Michel Banabila (Musician), Fantina Madricardo (researcher and physicist), Marta Picciulin (marine biologist).
The project, Scripts of the Lagoon, explores the relation between sound and responsive asemic scripts (scripts that deconstruct culture-specific and structured languages and transforms them into a universal language of pure emotion).
Developing an audio-visual script for transhuman life forms. The interaction between sound, colors, shapes, and motion creates a series of animated audio-visual segments, phrases consisting of unintelligible sounds, that can be assembled and combined in endless configurations, triggered by and responding to movement and light.
The sounds of the Venetian lagoon form the foundation of this exploration and guides the creation of this imaginary script that will act as an interface between the duality of underwater and the overwater worlds.
Underwater sounds are a central theme of the exploration, whereby sound becomes the force from which data is extracted and used to build an immersive and imaginary world where symbols act as both abstract script and three-dimensional organism.

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