Mohamed Gaber is a multidisciplinary designer and artist from Cairo, Egypt, now based in the Netherlands to work on his Masters at Sandberg Institute.  He works in a wide range of creative disciplines, including type design, web design, graphic design, live VJ, generative art performing, and sound art. His primary interest lies in the haptic nature of the production of typography and the technological, philosophical, and historical aspects of it.   
While his work is driven by the values of free experimentation and perpetual learning, He draws his inspiration from a broad spectrum of sources, from the slightest variations of handwriting in government documents from the Cairo archives to variable fonts, from traditional calligraphy to quirky typefaces of signs and posters scattered across the city and its post-colonial ghettos where he was born and raised. 
As early experiments, Gaber worked in 2006/2007 on producing a series of radical poster artworks under the name “G.A.S. -Graphics Against the Systems-”, incorporating type and calligraphy into radical protest poster art, one of these artworks under the name of “Be with the revolution / كن مع الثورة” that he made in 2008, later on, became one of Egypt’s 2011 revolution and the “Arab Spring” visual icons.
His work has been nominated for the Jameel Art Prize in 2013 and was awarded Best Arabic Display font from Granshan for the year 2016. His designs are featured on Google fonts, and his artworks were exhibited in various cities between Cairo, Dubai, Berlin, and recently performed in the 2020 CTM Festival Berlin.
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